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Argentina President Javier Milei slams elites at Davos: ‘the state is the problem’

elocal magazine February 2024

Wouldn’t it be great to see the NZ Government take a leaf out of President Melei of Argentina’s book and look to create wealth and prosperity in NZ once again. His recent Speech at the 2024 World Economic Forum at DAVOS goes 100% against what the elites and globalisic governments are imposing across the world and and what was evident in the Ardern era.

NZ is currently listed at the bottom of the OCED https://thefacts.nz/economy/current-account/Argentina some 7 countries ahead of us. NZ was once the top #1 country. In his speech, Argentina’s libertarian President Javier Milei praised free markets and slammed socialism at Davos on Wednesday (January 17) during the first overseas tour for the self-proclaimed ‘anarcho-capitalist,’ who is battling to fix a major economic crisis at home.

During his speech, Milei focused on the role of the state across a wide range of activities, which he said amounted to levers of control rather than allowing citizens the freedom to prosper through their own efforts.

The trip marks a test for right-wing Milei, a relative political newcomer who took office last month after a rapid ascent from acid-tongued economist and TV pundit to the presidency. He is keen to win backing for his economic ideas, which include shutting the central bank and adopting the dollar.

Ahead of the speech, Milei met British foreign minister David Cameron and was set for a head-to-head with International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Kristalina Georgieva, after Argentina struck a staff level agreement last week to salvage its $44 billion loan program with the fund.

Milei is battling to bring down inflation that topped 200% last year and rebuild depleted Argentina’s foreign currency reserves.

He is pushing major economic reforms, including spending cuts and deregulation, in a bid to improve the government’s finances and boost the economy. But he faces poverty levels which are climbing above 40% and the threat of social unrest.

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elocal Digital Edition – February 2024 (#274)

elocal Digital Edition
February 2024 (#274)

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