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Editor’s Note March 2024

Does the Taniwha wear the Right Shoes

The first 100 days of the National led ‘3 headed taniwha’ coalition Government have come and gone this month and media and MP’s alike are scrambling to shout from the rooftops about what has been done and blurring the lines of non-achievement on any that appear to have fallen short on the deadline.

My own take on the first 100 days comes down to the bewildering shenanigans that was the accommodation supplement that the Prime Minister, was ‘entitled’ to receive and then promptly relinquishing after listening to Talk Back radio feedback. In the leadup to the election, it was a bit of a mystery about what sort of person Chris Luxton was, his image was constantly under scrutiny even from within his own party about whether he could relate to the average New Zealander. It was well known he was a wealthy, successful businessman but he was adamant in all is messages he could relate to all New Zealanders and wanted to make NZ a better place for all of us. Election promises have been followed through in the 100 days since. No more 3 waters, fuel tax has gone, albeit with a new one coming later, No more Māori Heath Authority. A Pilot boot camp will be running in the middle of the year. Yes, great signs that the plan they promised to get NZ back on track is being taken seriously and the ‘taniwha’ is behaving. I can’t help a little niggle though. It’s a well-known fact that MP’s all get paid well for what they do and receive a number of benefits and allowances and many of them I’m sure milk the system for what they can. That’s an entirely different story! But I do have to ask how anyone who can ‘give back’ an annual payment of $52,000 without even blinking as to it having any personal impact on them can really claim to understand how the ‘average New Zealander’ is struggling to exist day to day, make ends meet and have any hope that things will really improve for them. It’s not really anything to do with following the rules, being entitled or not, as the leader of a people, it comes down to the ability to walk a mile in the shoes of others and let all their dreams be yours.

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