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Mind control, polypharmacy, and biotechnology, a looming disaster and a dead end

By: Guy Hatchard

An article in the UK Daily Telegraph entitled “The ‘black sheep’ brain chip start-up backed by Bezos and Gates” and a fascinating Tucker Carlson interview with a German Scientist Dr. Michael Nehls entitled “The Indoctrinated Brain” raise all sorts of deep and intriguing questions about consciousness, biotechnology, and mind control.

Mind control and consciousness-bending technology are current buzz topics in the popular press being followed with sci-fi fascination rather than any insight into fundamentals. Gates, Musk and Bezos are investing in projects to implant chips in human brains with the apparent belief that humans will end up directly controlling computers by just thinking.

Or will computers start controlling us?

Musk has predicted that superhuman artificial intelligence that is smarter than anyone on Earth could exist by next year, but adds the caveat that this may require more chips than all of the AI sector’s currently available computing power. This gives you an indication of just how clumsy and expensive AI is compared to even one human brain. In fact, AI still can’t navigate moral dilemmas nor can it engage in deep creativity. Human states of higher consciousness are not associated with how fast or accurately we can perform routine tasks like computers, but with coherent brain states experienced as a result of quiet meditation and reflection. In super conscious states gained through meditation, billions of neurons act with a symmetry that can be assessed through EGG measurements.

Dr Nehls, the German scientist interviewed by Tucker Carlson, has completed research which implies that spike proteins from both Covid and Covid vaccines can suppress the function of the hippocampus which is responsible for neural regeneration into old age. The implication is that originality and memory is being suppressed, leaving people more susceptible to mindless compliance.

The hippocampus is a complex brain structure embedded deep in the temporal lobe. It has a major role in learning, memory and spatial navigation. It is a plastic and vulnerable structure that gets damaged by a variety of stimuli including fear. It is the earliest and most severely affected structure in several neuropsychiatric disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease (AD), epilepsy etc. It is also involved in recollecting past experience and imagining our future.

Critically, studies indicate that the hippocampus is a part of our ‘moral brain.’ In other words, degradation of the hippocampus could impede our appreciation of right and wrong. Morality is among the most sophisticated features of human judgement, behaviour and, ultimately, mind. An individual who behaves immorally may violate ethical rules and civil rights, and may threaten others’ individual liberty, sometimes becoming violent and aggressive. Find out more about the functions of the hippocampus here.

Behind the explanations being offered to us by many purporting to be experts in consciousness lies a disturbing deficiency in their scientific paradigm or viewpoint. Within the objective outlook of modern science the view has arisen that consciousness has a specific seat somewhere in the brain that can be simply plugged into.

Modern science is looking for a material cause of consciousness, it is looking in the wrong place and using the wrong tools to do so.

Is consciousness only in the brain? A recent review study concluded that almost all medicines cause psychiatric side effects (PSEs). This wouldn’t be the case unless consciousness was associated with the whole physiology rather than just the brain

The plug in brain technology being developed with the financial support of Musk, Gates and Bezos can certainly interface with the process of perceiving and reacting and may benefit those with severe brain injuries and perceptual defects, but the idea that consciousness is identical to perception or thinking is incorrect. Thinking is a secondary result of consciousness.

Thoughts arise almost endlessly in the mind. Where do they originate?

It is our connection with universal consciousness that facilitates original thought. Rather than specific, the seat of consciousness is non-specific or holistic. In fact, consciousness or awareness is a ‘coherent’ phenomenon, its expression relies on the orderly collective functioning of trillions of cells and organ systems. That is not limited to one physiological area or organ.

Ayurveda, the ancient health science of India, delineated four levels of speech at progressively finer levels of consciousness:

Verbal speech known as Vaikhari, our everyday dialogue spoken out loud Madhyama is mental speech or thinking, verbalised but unspoken, the internal monologue and dialogue; Madhyama measures, evaluates, questions, and formulates the intentions that precipitate into words. Pashyanti, single-minded speech, is perceptible but not particularised. It is the vehicle for the power of desire. You are sure of your message; your intentions (selfish or altruistic) are always clear.

Para is pure intention—pure because it is a direct expression of the universal reality, unadulterated by any personal preference. Para is the form of speech that displays absolutely no thought of this, thus, here, or now. It is cosmic.

A lot can be said about levels of speech and their relation to states of consciousness including waking, dreaming, and deep sleep, but clearer knowledge about subtle levels of speech only develops through deep meditation which reveals a settled fourth state of consciousness. This is the level of para speech. From the perspective of waking consciousness para is absolute silence, but not just the absence of sound, rather the organising power of nature. The brain can thus gain direct access to the power of natural law through a technology of consciousness. This cosmic access is not available to computers. The implanting of chips in the brain can only disrupt the neural coherence in the brain and its connection with the whole physiology. The end point of this technology is the disruption of consciousness and its full development. The magic bullets of medicine shooting us up In a wider context, a related problem plagues modern allopathic medicine, research is aimed at discovering specific ‘magic bullets’ that will offer ‘quick fixes’ for health problems. As if health problems arise solely from specific malfunctions or invasive pathogens, when in fact, as we have been discussing recently, immune health relies primarily on physiological and psychological balance. This state of balance or homeostasis similarly relies on the coherent functioning of our trillions of cells. The magic bullets of modern medicine tend to act like bulls in a china shop, upsetting coherent functioning and thereby causing multiple side effects. None more so than the new generation of biotech medicines and vaccines which are designed to penetrate the cell membrane where they will inevitably disrupt our genetic command and control system.

Modern medicines often interact negatively with one another, leading to illness known as polypharmacy syndrome. Studies show that a quarter of people over the age 60 are taking in excess of 5 prescription drugs which according to the Mayo Clinic frequently results in negative drug interactions, drug toxicity, falls with injury, delirium, increased hospitalisations and higher costs of care for individuals and health care systems.

Coherent states, the key to health It is worth exploring the notion of coherent consciousness more fully and understanding how this should affect our approach to maintaining health. Coherence is a very powerful force in nature. This can be understood by imagining an army marching across a bridge in formation. It is well known that the soldiers have to break step when they do this. If they all kept marching in step, the vibration in the bridge can become so powerful that it may collapse. In quantum physics, coherent phenomena create states with amazing properties. Liquid helium for example at very low temperatures enters a superfluid coherent state that enables it to flow without any friction. The underlying physics involves the unification of the microscopic quantum fields of all the individual participating atoms into a macroscopic quantum coherent state. Unity in motion. We can envision the physiology of consciousness in much the same way. Consciousness in its pure state is a completely abstract reality which expresses itself via the coherent functioning of trillions of cells. It is not located in a particular place, it is beyond time and space but expresses itself in time and space. Thus the Upanishads say of consciousness: Neti Neti literally ‘not this, not this’. Consciousness or wholeness (Brahman in Sanskrit or God’s Will in religious language) is non-specific, it is universal. We have written at length about two kinds of approaches to understanding consciousness and maintaining health. The first is meditation, the second traditional herbal medicine.

In the year 2000, about 25% of the drugs prescribed worldwide came from plants, with 121 such active compounds being in current use. Of the 252 drugs then considered as basic and essential by the World Health Organisation (WHO), only 11% were exclusively of plant origin but the balance were synthetic drugs obtained from natural precursors. The basic outlook of medical research into plants involved identifying and isolating the so-called active ingredient and then seeking to synthetically reproduce it.

In fact, due to the inherent limitations of synthesis, synthetic compounds are almost always significantly different from natural compounds in their molecular composition and action. Often these differences are deliberate, whilst plants and material directly extracted from plants and exact copies cannot be patented, synthetic compounds that are edited versions of plant material can be, thus enhancing the potential profitability. Since 2000, with the evolution of biotech gene editing and production procedures, the situation has significantly changed. Instead of plant-based compounds, novel medicines and vaccines are increasingly based on laboratory research into biochemical and genetic processes. Thus they are potentially more invasive and risky. A few days ago, for example, a gene therapy trial at Verve Therapeutics aimed at reducing cholesterol had to be paused following the death of one of the trial participants and the emergence of concerning and unexpected damage to liver function.

In contrast, humans have coexisted with plants over millions of years in a mutually beneficial relationship which underpins our health and immunity.

The approaches of traditional herbal medicine systems like Ayurveda utilise a different paradigm. Instead of a search for an active ingredient, the whole herb is used because all of the components of the plant are embedded synergistically within a cellular genetic structure and are thus more accessible to our physiology, which is also embedded in a related natural genetic structure.

Another principle is also used in Ayurveda. Ayurvedic medicines typically contain multiple herbs which are able to work synergistically, coherently and safely with each other if they are traditionally produced and tested for contamination. They do so because of their common genetic basis. This contrasts with the drawbacks of polypharmacy we discussed above. If you would like to know more about the benefits of meditation and Ayurveda you can order my book Your DNA Diet as a kindle directly from Amazon or purchase a hard copy here.

Mind control and consciousness-bending technology are current buzz topics in the popular press being followed with sci-fi fascination rather than any insight into fundamentals.

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elocal Digital Edition
May 2024 (#277)

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