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Cut, Colour and Care

with The Salon

Glancing in the mirror and feeling impressed by what you see can make a world of difference to our overall wellbeing, and proof that the hours we spend looking after our bodies is worth it! We all want to know that how we dress, and how we look reflects a healthy, positive persona and looking after our hair in the same.

Whether it is long, short, curly or straight, our hair is one of the first things people notice about us, but things like age, overall physical health, hormones, trauma, stress, and anxiety effect our hair health. Ella, the owner of Tuakau’s The Salon is out to make sure you start to take care of your hair the same way you do the rest of your body.

“We ask all of these questions and more, to establish what is causing the condition of your hair, and then we use our years of experience and training to properly care for and send you on a path to hair recovery so that you can always get the best out of your hair. Life happens, we grow and change, so working towards maintaining hair health is an ongoing need until the day we die, just like regular doctor check ups are necessary to keep your bodily health in check.”

Ella, who has owned The Salon for three years now, has over 15 years experience in the industry. She has worked with Kayla for over 14 years and together with Georgia have won over many a new client with their skill, service and accommodating natures. It is important to the team that a new client becomes a valued client who wants to return, and they thrive on interacting and building relationships with them.

“We love getting to know our clients and we make a special effort to remember the things they tell us to keep the relationship more like a friendship than a client/hair stylist one, we have clients that come in feeling low or needing advice and they leave happier, more focused with a great haircut as a bonus.”

A great hair specialist is an innovator that is a scientific and technical hair health consultant that offers creative professionalism for your hair. Awesome hair stylists spend time continuously educating themselves in everything hair, and that’s exactly what Ella and Kayla do. The duo proudly displays certificates from their Keune Masterclass Courses, which are a set of workshops offered only to the elite in hair professionals. It takes years of experience to reach a level worthy of Keune Masterclass Courses.

“We spend many hours educating ourselves, discussing hair and attending workshops to enable us to offer the best advice and service we can. Hair needs constant attention and maintenance, and everything you do or don’t do for your hair will have an impact on the condition and quality of your strands,” says Ella.

The Salon uses and stocks Keune products and Ella says the product is a complete reflection on the way they operate.

“Keune is like our salon, true to their brand and to their customers, they are passionate about their product in the same way we are about our customers.”

“Our Hair is structured differently than Hair in the Northern Hemisphere, so Keune have developed their own training academy and scientific laboratory to train, and test and develop the best way to use the Keune products on hair in Australasia. We may not look like your traditional scientist, but we are hair scientists and can tell you exactly what Keune product has been developed for your hair to keep it healthy and looking its best!”

The Salon team like to remain relatable to their clients. “We don’t have perfect hair, makeup and outfits every day. We thrive on making our clients feel welcome and not intimidated by perfect images and remind them that having good hair is not judged by a perfect colour or style every day, but rather by how manageable your daily hair routine is at home in real life. By looking natural while we work really reminds people that we are here to doctor your hair, to advise you on how to maintain its health and to stop worrying about looking like you walked out of salon every morning.”

If you have never found a hair stylist that truly cares for you and your hair, then visit The Salon. They will consult with you about the condition of your hair, and ensure you wake up with healthy hair every morning, and maybe even help ease that burden on your shoulders!

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