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Donkey Champs

North Island Donkey & Mule Society Show, and National Miniature Donkey Show

For the third successive year the annual North Island Donkey & Mule Society Show was held at the Counties Dog Training club grounds at Kidd Elliot Park in Te Hi Hi. This year the show also incorporated the National Miniature Donkey Show.

Fortunately the weather on Sunday the 2nd February was not as hot as some we have endured this summer, and although a stiff breeze made retaining hats and notes when Judging a challenge, it did keep the temperature down. This was a huge relief for both the animals and the competitors especially during the more formal part of the day,when Judging for Best Presented and the breed sections is carried out.

It is a bit more relaxed when we have the performance section with jackets being taken off.

There was a good turnout of donkeys with twenty entrants, and it was good to see the public come along to support the event and enjoy what is always a fun day out.

This year, there was a pleasing spread of results with no one competitor or donkey dominating the competition albeit competition was intense.

The results were as follows:


Penrich Star Jasmin
Owned & shown by Kai Lehnberg


Clovercrest Pablo
Owned & shown by Sharon Joyce.


Sunlova Delos
Owned by T& S Stevens


Clovercrest Panache
Owned by P & M van Dijk

In the National Miniature Show the results were reversed with Clovercrest Pablo beating Penrich Star Jasmin. This is what occurs in showing as one Judge will see things a little differently to another.

Thanks go to all those that assisted both on the day and in the organisation and especially to our three Judges, Frank Flipp, Heather Bowker and Mel Bowker.

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