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2021 Classic Cover Insurance Jalopy Dust Up

Waihi Beach, New Zealand

by Greg Stokes

The world may be crippled by Covid 19 but in New Zealand, the Jalopy Dust Up was a dusty but fun way to see in 2021. Hosted by Noddy Watts of Beach Hop fame (Australasia’s biggest hot rod, classic car and rock & roll festival) and his partner Andrea, the Dust Up was just what the doctor ordered.

Let’s face it, 2020 in New Zealand consisted of two lock downs, numerous cancelled or delayed events and an event like the Jalopy Dust Up was a sure way to inject the fun back into the hot rodding calendar. Based at the picturesque Waihi Beach Dirt Track Up, the Dust Up delivered a smorgasbord of pre 1965 style hot rods, vintage midgets and vintage stock cars. New Zealand is at the peak of its summer right now so the weather was scorching and the racing was all just for fun from the standpoint of the participant or spectator. No prizes, no grand appearances, just good old fashioned dirt oval fun.

For further information about what Noddy Watts does for the hot rod and classic car fraternity in New Zealand, check out www.beachhop.co.nz or look up the Beach Hop or Kiwis on Tour on Facebook.

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