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Model A Day

by Greg Stokes

For the third year now, Chris Hornblow and Shane Adlington have organised the annual Model A Day at Chris & Raewyn’s fantastic property in Oratia, West Auckland. This year on Saturday 27th February, there were 48 cars in attendance which included one Model T that snuck in and additionally there was also a Fordson tractor! The diverse mix of restored or barn found stockers through to fully hot rodded versions of Henry’s finest came from all over too, Dunedin, Rotorua and Northland.

Don’t think for a minute that it was a bunch of old boys either with plenty of young guys showing a strong interest in the noted Model A Ford. The informal and casual gathering was a BYO affair with the BBQ supplied by Troublebound who also supplied the mini bike entertainment as well! It’s an annual gig which continues to grow so be sure to quiz Chris or Shane all about it to join the fun. This years timing was perfect as of 9pm that night an immediate Level 3 lockdown was announced for the following day. Gotta do these events as we can folks!

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