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This Government Has Seriously Lost the Plot

by Trevor Rogers

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An elderly neighbour dropped in to see me today seeking an explanation to an emailed marketing blurb she received from Countdown. The front page of the usual specials advertising was “Celebrate Matariki Maori New Year”. I explained to her the current Government had legislated a new public holiday” as a celebration of Matariki, the Maori New Year”. She wasn’t impressed, raising the question, would the businesses in New Zealand be impressed with this? I doubt it, as aside from the domestic tourism businesses who may benefit from the extra bookings, most would see it as just a further cost to them. A lot of our businesses are still grappling with Covid 19 and its impacts such as loss of business, staff losses and so on.

From my day to day dealings, there are some issues that appear to have been missed by New Zealanders, for example the Groundswell Movement, a protest against proposals such as “The Three Waters” which could be argued is a proposed rip-off of Councils and their ratepayers and their historic water catchments which they paid for over the years in their council rates. These are proposed by this Labour Government to be purchased at LESS than their value and absorbed into four proposed faceless companies with 50% control of these ultimately being ceded to Maori!

This “Three Waters” proposal will dramatically increase water charges to the long suffering ratepayers (already confirmed to local government elected persons). The consumer loses every way you cut this and it will substantially increase the cost of water supply, and with no future control of their existing asset in perpetuity. New Zealanders of every race and creed need to stand UNITED AS ONE to stop these Labour Government Communist intentions. United we stand divided we definitely will fall and New Zealand will change for ever.
I think back on our Olympic athletes over my lifetime 78 years who proudly wore New Zealand uniforms with the New Zealand flag wrapped around them on the winners dais. They strove hard to raise our New Zealand identity and with pride. Much is owed to them for putting New Zealand on the World map also, not the least the international respect for our sporting efforts worldwide, and our military; Army, Navy and Airforce are highly respected, including in its makeup proud Maori New Zealand Servicemen and Women. Movies, actors, singers, sportspeople, tourist attractions, all in the name of New Zealand.

I dug out the ethnic Share of New Zealand Population today and it made interesting reading. The projections are very fluid and include more than one ethnic base European 64%, Maori 16%, Asian including Chinese, Indian, 20% This is made up by variations of where people claim more than one ethnic mix.

It does however give a perspective to the ethnic formula of New Zealand, but like all projections it really means little. If for example New Zealand prospers (after Covid 19) it will be an encouraging factor in immigration from those countries who have been flayed by the Covid pandemic and at the same time will alter population projections. If the reverse happens, our countries economy tapers off because of bad Government management and climbing debt, which will harness citizens and future generations to higher costs and fewer jobs. It will absolutely reduce enthusiasm for other countries citizens to immigrate, and on it goes.

Frankly the Maorification of New Zealand is a RED HERRING. It hides the true intentions of this Labour Government and its intention to destroy our local Government and sell off our water facilities assets, (remember water belongs to no one!), enslave our water and other matters with Labour Communist Dogma giving 50% control of these proposed four water companies to unelected Maori. You think I am exaggerating? Take a look at our fishing industry ceded to Maori and now sold to the Chinese, gone for good!

It is absurd a small percentage of our citizens can potentially destroy our country’s hard earned international recognition. Forget the Maori issue it’s a smoke screen, the real problem is Labour’s intention of spreading their dogma and control in perpetuity whilst they have the majority to pass legislation which will effect New Zealand forever.

Trevor Rogers is a former Member of Parliament, serving two terms from 1990 to 1996.

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elocal Digital Edition – August 2021 (#245)

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August 2021 (#245)

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