University of Auckland Students Want Change!

The University is demanding full fees for tuition despite the many disruptions that have been experienced due to lockdowns.

Students are expected to pay FULL, UNSUBSIDISED FEES for the sub-par education that they have received online.

That's upwards of $9,000 for pdf slides and pre-recorded videos. WE WANT CHANGE! The University of Auckland claims that most of the fees paid by students go towards laboratories, campus expenses, recreational centre use and other practical overhead costs. All of which have been BARELY USED since the initial COVID-19 outbreak.

INSTEAD, the online alternative to using million-dollar equipment such as microscopes or getting first-hand practical learning experiences like medical dissection has been looking at free Stock images on a poorly managed zoom call. Students have been given pre-recorded lectures covering outdated curriculum from previous years WITHOUT visual aid. Post-grad students are missing out on fieldwork that would otherwise be included. This kind of poor effort should not be worth upwards of $9,000 per year. The disregard that the University of Auckland has shown towards their students is appalling. Exams at the end of last year were half online and half in person. Students who have year-long courses as opposed to semester long courses did NOT receive a grade bump when the rest did.


STOP using our fees for real estate for your vice chancellor. STOP pretending like the education received online is equivalent to on-campus learning. STOP acting like your hands are tied. Students struggle with fees enough as is but some argue that it’s worth it in the end because of the valuable firsthand learning experience that we leave with. All we ask is that the fees we are charged with reflect the quality of the education we have received.

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