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Repco Beach Hop 2022 postponed

with GMS Hot Rods

We have kissed goodbye to 2021 and are we ready to roll on to a better and brighter 2022, events are still being hampered by Covid 19. The latest one as this was written is the annual Repco Beach Hop at Whangamata.

The Whangamata Beach Hop Rock’n’Roll Festival Committee early December to discuss how Repco Beach Hop 22, scheduled for 23rd - 27th March 2022, can operate under the Covid Protection Framework commonly known as the Traffic Light System. “It is with regret that we have decided to postpone the Festival until 23-27th November 2022”, said Noddy Watts of the Repco Beach Hop.

The Traffic Light System has 2 options for each colour – Red, Orange & Green. These options are events where the My Vaccine Pass is used for entry, and those events where they are not. Under Orange or Green there are no limits on events where the My Vaccine Pass is used for people to attend. However if an event is in a public place, where the My Vaccine Pass cannot be used, then restrictions apply. Due to the nature of Repco Beach Hop 22 with car shows and events in public places, the Repco Beach Hop team cannot restrict entry to vaccinated people only under Orange or Green traffic lights.

“Over the past few weeks, since the more detail about the Traffic Light System was made public, we’ve worked closely with the Thames-Coromandel District Council and DHB to find a way to adapt the Festival suit. Despite our efforts it just isn’t possible. We have spoken to our major sponsors and key stakeholders who are in full support of this decision”, says Noddy.

Those who have purchased vehicle entry tickets etc will be contacted in the New Year with the option to roll over the entry to the postponed November 22 event, Repco Beach Hop in March 2023, or apply for a refund if they can not make either of these events. The Repco Beach Hop team are doing the same as what they did in 2020 when they postponed Repco Beach Hop 20 from March to November 2020. Repco Beach Hop 23 will be 22-26th March 2023.

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