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Shining a Light on Beauty

with Harleh Laser Clinic

Like all amazing aestheticians, the staff at HARLEH Laser Clinic are extremely passionate & truly love their work and work environment. They are especially enthusiastic about the industry and how it is continually evolving which is why they are very excited this January to have launched Cutera Enlighten Tattoo Removal & Skin Rejuvenation Treatment.
Some of the treatment offerings include Permanent Laser Hair Reduction, vascular treatments, and the use of laser to reduce and remove unsightly pigmented lesions. Other treatment offerings include collagen induction therapy through to their signature Brow Perfection treatment. Having such an extensive treatment menu and such highly trained staff means, whatever your beauty needs are, HARLEH have it covered. The staff at HARLEH hold Nationally & Internationally recognised Professional training qualifications with a combined experience of over 45 years, which means you’re in good hands at HARLEH. AT HARLEH Laser Clinic, the staff pride themselves for taking their Beauty Therapy Skills to an advanced Skin & Laser Clinician level. HARLEH Laser Clinic is the only Clinic within the South Auckland area that offers the highest-level Laser procedures with equipment that can provide the absolute best treatment outcome for their clients with comfort because HARLEH understand that superb outcomes can only be achieved by investing in the best possible equipment, after all that is what every client is anticipating. Not only is HARLEH Laser Clinic the only clinic in South Auckland with spectacular equipment from Cutera Inc., but they have also been busily performing these advanced laser treatment for more than seven years and have built up a barrage of delighted, satisfied clients who often refer their friends to HARLEH Laser Clinic. The story for HARLEH Laser Clinic began back in 2014, however its conception began well before that. Rowann Marsh, Clinic Director & Laser Technician had a long-term goal to provide the people of Pukekohe with the quality treatments that she had been exposed to using within New Zealand and Internationally. Her vast experience with Cutera’s equipment meant that Rowann not only understood the importance of high-quality equipment, but she also had the expert training and experience required to achieve the amazing results that HARLEH were able to achieve from day one. Rowann also knew the superiority of optimized laser wavelengths compared to low-cost Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) devices that many Beauty Therapy use to lure in their clients. During Rowann’s eighteen-year career as a Beauty Therapist and Laser Therapy Clinician, she has been able to offer her clients some incredible results with high end Skin Care ranges. As such at HARLEH Laser Clinic your treatment will be tailored to your requirements rather than being offered cookie cutter treatment suggestions. No matter what your Skin and Beauty concerns are, HARLEH have the treatment for you and what is more, their procedures are all carried out in a quiet, relaxing and beautiful atmosphere. HARLEH Laser Clinic has been quietly growing over the last seven years. The clinics humble beginnings started within a single treatment room within a GP’s medical clinic. Even back then Rowann’s vision was well underway, and she experienced an ever-growing increase in requests for the services she was providing. Rowann believes when you love doing what you do, every day is an exceptional day. Rowann often reflects on the amazing support her family, friends, staff and the local community have offered over the years and is truly thankful to them all, without their support HARLEH Laser clinic would not exist. In line with keeping up to date with the very latest technology and procedures, HARLEH Laser Clinic is excited to announce that they have invested in the very latest laser technology, Enlighten by Cutera Inc. Over the few years Picosecond Technology has evolved significantly making it affordable to offer treatments within a high-end beauty therapy clinic such as HARLEH Laser Clinic. Cutera is a world leader in Lasers and other energy-based technology. The outcomes are unmatched by any other device on the market that is used for similar treatment offerings. Part of Rowann’s vision for HARLEH Laser Clinic is to never compromise on client outcomes. As such there are no half measures on the treatment menu. Introducing Enlighten, which has both Nanosecond and Picosecond Technology, has been one of Rowann’s goals for HARLEH Laser Clinic for quite some time now. Enlighten has been optimized to completely remove unwanted tattoos regardless of the tattoo’s colour, or density of the ink and regardless of the depth the ink was deposited into the skin. The system is so smart that it can do all of this quickly, in fewer treatments and with superior comfort with minimal to no downtime. Enlighten will also allow the staff at HARLEH Laser clinic to take their clients’ skin to the next level with treatments for even the most difficult conditions including treatments for sensitive skin areas and older thinner skin and on scars caused from acne breakouts. It can also be used to rejuvenate your skin to significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It also has a unique fractional mode to address even the most stubborn lesions. As a valued client, HARLEH Laser Clinic would like to invite you to contact the clinic to find out how a treatment with Enlighten or any other of the services they offer, can be tailored to your skin.

Enlighten has been optimized to completely remove unwanted tattoos regardless of the tattoo’s colour, or density of the ink…

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