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It’s Business as Usual at Navigation Homes

with Navigation Homes

The housing market is a market that is ever changing, but it’s business as usual for Nathan Hall and Ryan Keegan, proprietors of the Navigation Homes Counties franchise, and their team. Their mission is to realise the dream of house ownership for the many local Kiwis who choose Navigation Homes to build their dream home just as they imagine it to look.

Award winning Navigation Homes was founded in the Franklin region in 2007 by Aaron and Michelle Hall and today has 12 branches nationwide, building homes you’ll love to live in. They lead the way in new and fresh designs, meticulous project management and construction with outstanding service. Their new homes speak for themselves and are professionally built with you in mind. “We would like to believe that every house we build has the potential to win a house of the year award, whether it is a house straight from one of our standard plans or one that we have created and build bespoke for a client. We care for every client we build for and our staff, and it is the combination of the two that creates homes that are perfect for everyone regardless of their requirements.”

Embarking on building a new home can be fraught with pressure and pitfalls, but having over 30 years experience in the industry between them means that Nathan and Ryan offer each client the benefit of almost a lifetime of doing what they do best; building and the adaptability that comes with it. Together with the team at Navigation Homes they can get you started on your journey identifying and illuminating any potential issues before they even happen. “We find that Buyers who know what they want and how important each feature is to them tend to feel more satisfied when construction’s complete and they move into their brand-new home. Our New Home Consultants can answer questions about layout, pricing, size, section locations and more. But if you are struggling to nail down your needs and wants, a New Home Consultant can help you do that as well. And if you and your spouse (or other co-buyers) have seemingly irreconcilable desires and expectations, a New Home Consultant can suggest compromises and solutions.”

It’s important to make a list of what you need and want in your home. Popular “wants” include an open floor plan, spacious backyard, gas appliances, stone kitchen countertops, ensuites, sculleries, walk-in wardrobes and a double garage. To get more ideas, think about things you don’t like about where you currently live and imagine options that would be better for you. When you list your wants, consider your lifestyle as well as your design preferences.

With innovations happening continuously in the industry, the team at Navigation Homes are constantly on the lookout for new innovations that will enhance the homes that they build. Solar power and ventilation are featuring more and more in new builds and Navigation Homes can be built to maximise the opportunities that they offer. With the current Covid environment Ducted Ventilation Systems are becoming more commonplace and everyone at Navigation Homes is trained to know what can work for you and your family to best ensure safe, healthy homes built with the future in mind.

Media is awash with horror stories about building a new house, from council consent delays to shonky tradesmen. The team at Navigation Homes have over 30 years’ experience in the industry so you can rest assured there will be no surprises on your home building journey. “Our expertise is in project management to ensure what is required is delivered on time in full and meets quality requirements. From concept to design, working drawings, consent lodgement and the construction process we are here to ensure all boxes are ticked and completed. Once the build is started, keeping tabs on how things are going is easy with our ProNav App smartphone tool. The ProNav App keeps clients updated on progress 24/7. No more chasing up builders for information – the app streams photos and job logs, provides access to costs and materials, and clients can submit questions and communicate with builders in real time.

Navigation Homes are Registered Master Builders and employ Licenced Building Practitioners to ensure your new home is built to a high standard. The team loves what they do and are proud of every home they build, for very happy clients.

Their Book of Ideas is a great place to start to assist you in making an informed decision about the build process. Why to build new versus existing and choosing the right builder to ensure you have a great experience. Why not make contact with the team at Navigation Homes today.

Navigation Homes are Registered Master Builders and employ Licenced Building Practitioners to ensure your new home is built to a high standard.

But if you are struggling to nail down your needs and wants, a New Home Consultant can help you do that as well.

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