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Tanya Unkovich to the Prime Minister “What updates can he provide on the progress of the government coalition agreements?”

The conversation covers various topics including fulfilling coalition agreement commitments, progress of government coalition agreements, coalition commitments and repeals, COVID-19 inquiry, gun legislation, and the involvement of the Muslim community in the Arms Act repeal.

Takeaways The government is focused on fulfilling its coalition agreement commitments and undoing the damage caused over the last three years.

Progress has been made in repealing certain acts and implementing policies such as increasing the minimum wage and expanding 90-day trials.

The government is seeking public submissions to expand the terms of reference for the COVID-19 inquiry. The Prime Minister is committed to visiting the Christchurch Muslim community prior to introducing amendments to the gun legislation.

Members of the Muslim community are involved in the Ministerial Arms Advisory Group and are part of the solution to the Arms Act repeal.

Chapters 00:00 Fulfilling Coalition Agreement Commitments 01:01 Progress of Government Coalition Agreements 03:18 COVID-19 Inquiry 04:33 Gun Legislation and Christchurch Muslim Community 05:19 Muslim Community Involvement in Arms Act Repeal

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elocal Digital Edition – March 2024 (#275)

elocal Digital Edition
March 2024 (#275)

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