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Matt Reid and MJ from eLocal discuss the background and transition of eLocal from a print magazine to a nationwide current affairs video magazine. They highlight the benefits of eLocal, such as digital longevity and the ability to target specific regions. They emphasize the importance of authenticity and engagement in advertising, as well as the role of content creation and journalism standards. The conversation also covers the value of profile advertising and the power of video marketing in building trust and brand awareness. They conclude by inviting businesses to advertise with eLocal and work together to achieve success.

eLocal has transitioned from a print magazine to a nationwide current affairs video magazine. The digital format of eLocal offers longevity and the ability to target specific regions. Authenticity and engagement are key in advertising, and video marketing can help build trust and brand awareness. Consistency in advertising is crucial for success, and eLocal offers the opportunity for businesses to develop their profiles and reach their target audience.


00:00 Introduction and Background 01:19 Transition and Change in Direction 03:37 Transition to Digital 04:24 Benefits of eLocal 05:24 Content and Journalism Standards 07:21 Content Creation and Contributors 08:39 Digital Longevity and Advertising 09:17 Profile Advertising and Building Trust 11:24 Consistency in Advertising 12:20 Authenticity and Engagement 14:12 Video Marketing and Authenticity 16:17 Engaging Content and Brand Awareness 19:12 Collaboration and Consistency 20:58 Working with eLocal 22:13 Content Development and Campaign Strategy 23:38 Expertise and Execution 25:43 Invitation to Advertise with eLocal 26:19 Conclusion

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elocal Digital Edition – April 2024 (#276)

elocal Digital Edition
April 2024 (#276)

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