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Tree Removal with Tree Magic

with Tree Magic Arborists

The decision to remove a tree from your property sometimes isn’t easy. They take years to grow and are an important part of the environment. But sometimes due to a number of factors the call just has to be made to get them cut down, so they are no longer a problem or pose a threat.

Factors like root systems undermining driveways and dwellings are one of the main reasons we are asked to remove trees and sometimes they just get too big for the area they were originally planted in. Like people, trees also have a life span and some species just get past their prime and start to deteriorate so the call needs to be made to remove them before they become hazardous.

Every tree removal job we undertake has a number of different elements to consider, the access and the surroundings play a big part in deciding which process we use to bring the tree down to the ground. Rigging techniques are a useful way of safely dismantling the debris down to the ground. The branch being cut is tied off to a rope which is set up to run through a pulley and a friction device, allowing the branch to be lowered to the ground in a controlled manner. Sometimes the sections we rig off can be in the 100’s of kilos or even up to a tonne so the amount of rope friction you use can change frequently.

Sometimes when the job allows, we will use Hiab trucks or cranes to dismantle trees or lift out the remaining logwood. These helpful machines can take a lot of manual labour out of the day’s work and the extreme weights they are capable of lifting are quite amazing!

More often than not the tree or trees being removed are close to houses, sheds or overhanging gates and fencing so the controlled systems we use to complete the tree removal are the perfect way to safely and efficiently get the job done correctly.

It can take years of practice to correctly estimate branch weights for rigging and craning and also know the best way to install the different rigging systems into the tree, so the debris is getting lowered into the right area.

Our qualified Arborists are trained in all aspects of tree removal and we also boost their knowledge with additional rigging and craning courses to allow them to be prepared for any situation they undertake.

It can potentially be dangerous work, large heavy branches and logwood can be very unforgiving if they are dealt with incorrectly, so a risk analysis and method plan are always completed before work commences. Due to the nature of the work we have full public liability insurance, so you can put your mind at ease when valuable items are close by.

If you’ve got a tree which is causing a problem or a threat, give us a call to come and have a look and give you a free quote.

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