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Change is good!

by Sally Sumner

Temperatures may be dropping as we head for our two coldest months of the year, but things at elocal are hotting up! It always a pleasure to work every month with our local businesses and community groups and highlight all the great things about them and this month is no exception. From graphic designers, building companies, and barn door crafters, July elocal showcases some of the area’s finest.

Editorially this month we feature the second in our commemorating New Zealand History - James Cook series, which was so well received in our first issue we had to order more office copies! It follows the voyages of a young James, through the Atlantic where “he developed the qualities of leadership, ambition, and determination, all of which made him the eighteenth century’s ‘most outstanding explorer’.” A remarkable journey into the unknown in a time with none of the creature comforts we enjoy today.

I was working with a client this month who spoke about how the whole journey was important to their business and not just getting to the end, and it really resonated with us here at elocal. Every month each team member is involved in their own journey that is different from each other but equally important to get to the end result that our community loves to read.

We are not a big team and every team member is equally important in ensuring we consistently achieve the best for our customers by producing a quality product every month. This month we are delighted to welcome a new staff member to the team, and we are thrilled to have him on board. Steve has a wealth of local knowledge and experience and will be a familiar face to many of you. He has already been out and about making himself known to businesses in the area, finding out how he can help them promote their business and tell their story in elocal and everyone at elocal is excited about the skill set and ideas he brings to the team.

Welcome aboard Steve!

We may not sail into quite as dangerous waters as the Endeavour did but having you on board certainly adds real value to our crew.

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elocal Digital Edition – July 2019 (#220)

elocal Digital Edition
July 2019 (#220)

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