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Free Speech Space with MJ - Judith Collins

“Coaltion Agreements in Place, HUGE Portfolios, Where to From Here?”

Interview with Judith Collins

In this conversation with elocal, Judith Collins discusses various topics related to her roles and responsibilities in the New Zealand government. She highlights the government’s success in delivering on its promises and the importance of a non-politicized prosecution system. Collins also discusses the challenges in the defense portfolio and the need for efficiency and transparency in government. She emphasizes the importance of digitizing government services and improving cybersecurity. Collins also talks about the government’s response to the Christchurch Mosque attack and the potential of New Zealand’s space industry. She emphasizes the role of science, innovation, and technology in driving the country’s progress and calls for fostering an environment of innovation and creativity. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the New Zealand Sovereignty Fund and the need for relevance and dynamism in the country’s approach to global challenges.

Points of Note: The New Zealand government has been successful in delivering on its promises, which is a refreshing change. Efficiency and transparency in government are crucial for effective governance.

Digitizing government services and improving cybersecurity are important for the country’s progress. Science, innovation, and technology play a vital role in addressing global challenges and driving economic growth.

00:00 Introduction and Acknowledgment 00:50 Government Delivering on Promises 02:00 Role as Attorney General 03:47 Importance of Non-Politicized Prosecution System 04:26 Workload and Responsibilities as Attorney General 05:24 Challenges in the Defense Portfolio 06:55 Efficiency and Transparency in Government 08:52 Digitizing Government and Improving Services 09:19 Digital Identity Card and Voluntary Use 11:18 Importance of Digitizing Government 13:43 GCSB and Cybersecurity 17:07 Government Response to Christchurch Mosque Attack 19:02 New Zealand’s Space Industry 22:29 Science, Innovation, and Technology 25:55 New Zealand Sovereignty Fund and Infrastructure Bank 28:45 Opportunity to Make Changes and Be Relevant 30:12 Fostering Innovation and Creativity 30:43 Conclusion and Farewell

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elocal Digital Edition – January 2024 (#273)

elocal Digital Edition
January 2024 (#273)

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