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Need More Copies?

by Sally Sumner

One of the things I love best about being involved with elocal is the number of people that call in or email us to tell us about how much they liked reading the last edition and when will the next one be available.

The number of calls from outside the area has increased somewhat as our regular readers pass on their own copies to friends, families or neighbours who have moved outside our area.

This month, I have had calls from Nelson, Whangarei and even Stewart Island from folks who having been passed a previous copy of elocal want to know how they can get the next one!

It’s great to know that our articles are being read far and wide and thanks to the world wide web the increase in sharing articles using social media is on the increase!

Looking over google statistics last month, I was amazed that our average time people spend on www.elocal.co.nz is over 8 minutes! None of this flicking through glancing at the fancy pictures and spot page reading amongst our readers.

Elocal is always read from cover to cover and provides a great independent source of information about local businesses, issues and topics designed to get you thinking.

So, if you ever miss your own copy, or need one to post to a friend please ring and let me know. I can organise for one to be dropped off or you can pick up another copy from one of our handy collection points throughout the area.

A list of collection points can be found here, www.elocal.co.nz/home/stands or just give me a call or email office@elocal.co.nz and I can let you know your closest one. There are also back copies to browse through on the website.

Be in quick though! They seem to be in hot demand!

Enjoy your elocal read this month.

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elocal Digital Edition – March 2019 (#216)

elocal Digital Edition
March 2019 (#216)

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