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The Truth Legacy Media Don’t Want You to Know

This conversation discusses corruption and cronyism in New Zealand, highlighting the importance of a free and fair media. It explores the funding and influence in news media, as well as the dangers of unchecked lies and disinformation. The conversation also delves into the topics of gaslighting and deplatforming, and the need to protect free speech. The need for an inquiry into the matter is emphasized, and the response of Mark Jennings, a senior news executive, is discussed. The conversation concludes by emphasizing the importance of accountability in journalism.


Corruption and cronyism can occur even in relatively calm and prosperous countries like New Zealand. A free and fair media is essential for a functioning democracy. Funding and sponsorship agreements can influence the content and bias of news media. Unchecked lies and disinformation pose a threat to democracy and public trust in the media. Gaslighting and deplatforming are tactics used to suppress free speech and dissenting opinions. There is a need for an inquiry to investigate discussions about suppressing free speech and collusion in news coverage. Public trust in the media is declining, and there is a need for transparency and accountability. Journalists and media outlets should prioritize accountability and avoid suppressing opposing viewpoints.


00:00 Introduction: Corruption and Cronyism in New Zealand 01:26 The Importance of a Free and Fair Media 04:17 Democracy in Danger: Unchecked Lies and Disinformation 05:44 Gaslighting and Deplatforming 07:15 The Danger of Suppressing Free Speech 08:40 The Need for an Inquiry 09:11 Mark Jennings’ Response 10:05 Public Trust in the Media 11:24 Conclusion: The Importance of Accountability

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elocal Digital Edition – March 2024 (#275)

elocal Digital Edition
March 2024 (#275)

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