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State of the Nation Speech in Full - Hon. Winston Peters


Winston Peters discusses the current state of New Zealand’s government and highlights the failures and broken promises of the past Labour Party. He addresses issues such as the housing crisis, child poverty, and the mental health system. He also criticizes the media for its lack of impartiality and the erosion of trust. Overall, the conversation focuses on the need for change and accountability in the government and media. This conversation discusses the funding of media to promote a government narrative, highlighting the potential for political bias. It also explores the need for a robust fourth estate and the challenges and potential of New Zealand. The conversation touches on the Treaty of Waitangi as a partnership and addresses misconceptions surrounding it. Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of focusing on key priorities for Māori and the unity and nationhood of New Zealand. The overall goal is to rebuild the country for everyone.


The current government in New Zealand has failed to deliver on its promises and has left the country in a worse state.

Issues such as the housing crisis, child poverty, and the mental health system have been neglected and require urgent attention.

The media’s lack of impartiality and focus on opinion and clickbait has contributed to a loss of trust from the public. There is a need for change, accountability, and a return to the values of the Labour Party’s past. Funding media to promote a government narrative can lead to political bias and hinder the independence of the media. A robust fourth estate is crucial for a healthy democracy and should focus on thinking news rather than breaking news.

The Treaty of Waitangi is often misunderstood, and the idea of it being a partnership is a recent construction. New Zealand faces challenges but also has the potential to become a thriving nation with the right policies and commitment.

Unity and nationhood are important for the progress and success of New Zealand.


00:00 Introduction and Surprising Welcome 01:22 New Government’s Mission for Change 03:10 Lack of Warning and Accountability 04:32 Inherited Problems and Broken Promises 07:06 Failures in Health, Education, and Defense 09:47 Housing Crisis and Cost of Living 10:13 Failed Housing Promises 11:39 Child Poverty and Mental Health System 12:31 Implosion of the Green Party 13:27 Labour’s Contempt for Democracy 15:24 Unplanned Immigration and Infrastructure 20:11 Labour’s Approach to Governance 21:32 Race to the Bottom with Party Māori and Greens 22:50 Labour’s Desertion of Blue-Collar Workers 24:16 Labour’s Shift to Left-Wing Social Justice Issues 26:34 Media’s Role and Lack of Impartiality 29:05 Lack of Trust in Media and Public Funding 30:59 Funding Media to Promote a Government Narrative 32:00 Political Bias in Media Funding Conditions 33:01 Sinister Scene of Political Bias 34:39 The Need for a Robust Fourth Estate 35:27 Challenges and Potential of New Zealand 36:27 Taking Back the Country 37:06 The Treaty of Waitangi as a Partnership 45:16 The Economic Plan for New Zealand 51:12 New Zealand First’s Role in Government 52:21 Misconceptions about the Treaty of Waitangi 55:13 Focus on Key Priorities for Māori 57:02 Unity and Nationhood 59:13 Rebuilding New Zealand for Everyone

“That is our vision, that is our commitment, and that is our commission to protect and save this great country, New Zealand. We got knocked down, but we got back up again. And nothing’s going to stop us now.”

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elocal Digital Edition – April 2024 (#276)

elocal Digital Edition
April 2024 (#276)

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