Digital Edition – October 2019 (#223)

Papakura’s Loss of a Visionary

Papakura Residents miss out on true Visionary who wanted to help move our town forward

Papakura Residents miss out on true Visionary who wanted to help move our town forward. Written by retiring Papakura Board member of 9 years Michael Turner and Papakura Board member of 6 years Bill McEntee

We believe that Papakura missed out on a great opportunity during this current term when a casting vote was used to veto a proposal by Sir Noel Robinson to use the $1.75 million he had paid council to uplift the encumbrance on the Papakura Golf Park and add to his personal gift of $4.25 million to develop a 25 acre plus leisure park adjacent to the newly proposed residential subdivision and the Opaheke Sportsfields. In addition, he offered Papakura residents $250,000 to kickstart the planned development of 2 storey clubrooms, storage and changing facility on Opaheke Park, and offered to form a Trust to raise the money required to complete this development over a two-year period. The current Board has secured funds to build the changing facility.

We invite you to google Sir Noel Robinson and you will see he is a true Visionary and Developer who has recently been inducted to the NZ Business Hall of Fame. He was head hunted for Counties Manukau Pacific Trust and led the development in 2005 of Vodafone Events Centre, followed more recently by the Vector Wero White Water Rafting. Google will highlight many other achievements. Sir Noel is widely recognized throughout New Zealand as a great leader, a true gentleman and loyal and generous beneficiary.

Noel told us (Bill and Michael) he had other areas he would have enjoyed working with us to promote our town, however given the lack of trust surrounding the leisure park development, he would move on and work in another area of the South. He has since sold the land to a developer who will present a park of a smaller size.

We urge you to support the PAPAKURA FIRST TEAM and vote for them. They are part of a very balanced and informed team with huge experience between them, and yes, they will move this town forward and promise to work beside the developers, not against them.

Felicity Auva’a - Respected and well known as a Music Teacher at local schools.

Kevin Mealamu - Centurion All Black, NZ Rugby Ambassador, Papakura Business Owner.

Lance Watene - Local Youth Worker and Event Manager.

Jen Blakelock - Pastoral care at local church, Service quality officer and Mother of 6.

David Arvidson - Agricultural Economist, Mentor to Youth, has an active interest in the environment.

Andrew Webster - Commercial Banker and Business Development Manager.

Thanks PAPAKURA FIRST For Driving the Takanini Library and Drop In Centre

Papakura First worked alongside the Wallace Family from 2014 to get this project underway. Sadly, the Action Team Members delayed a decision on the location a further year by having officers continue to pursue alternative sites that were totally unsafe and far from suitable. A complaint to the Auditor General by Papakura Board Member Brent Catchpole that Papakura First were undemocratic in choosing Takanini Village and not considering other suggested. His complaint was dismissed. The final recommendation came from officers and they endorsed Papakura First's suggested site and thankfully at last it is underway. This building will be the Hub of Takanini Village. We are extremely proud to be part of the team that succeeded in driving this project to its commencement and look forward to the opening day.

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elocal Digital Edition – October 2019 (#223)

elocal Digital Edition
October 2019 (#223)

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