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Kerry is a journalist and music enthusiast. When she isn't writing, she enjoys live music, adding to her collection of tattoos, horror movies, and tacos – not necessarily in that order.

Literary Greats (Part III)

Sam Hunt

by Kerry Monaghan

Literary Greats pt 3 Sam Hunt As one of New Zealand’s larger than life and undoubtedly most rock n roll poets, Sam Hunt is a rare commodity that has always remained somewhat unconventional, an essentialist and unashamedly honest in his plethora of work t…

Paving the way for Papakura's Policing Future

Papakura High School Pathways To Police Programme

by Kerry Monaghan

Papakura High School Pathways To Police Programme From serving their communities to preventing crime while developing leadership skills, being part of the Police force can be one of the most rewarding careers a person can have, and now, thanks to a grow…

A year on for Richard Barnett

by Kerry Monaghan

A year on with Pukekohe High School Principal, Richard Barnett From his twelve years at Christchurch’s Burnside High School to now twelve months at Pukekohe High School, Principal Richard Barnett has been leading his school into its new chapter and is fe…

Literary Greats (Part II)

Sylvia Plath

by Kerry Monaghan

Credited with helping to advance the genre of ‘Confessional Poetry’ in the mid twentieth century; the style of writing that was written in an autobiographical manner and dealt with subject matter relating but not limited to, death, tragedy, trauma and de…

Winner! Auckland Football Federation Junior Coach of the Year 2019

AFF Shane Thomas Waiuku Junior Football Coach

by Kerry Monaghan

Auckland Football Federation Junior Coach of the Year 2019 Shane Thomas never imagined he would one day end up becoming a volunteer junior football coach, let alone winning the title of 2019 Regional Junior Football Coach of the Year for Auckland, that i…

Literary Greats (Part I)

Katherine Mansfield

by Kerry Monaghan

With a mercurial mind, at times untameable but unashamedly honest, one of New Zealand’s most acclaimed literary icons lived a brief but tumultuous life. Born as Kathleen Mansfield Beauchamp, October 14th, 1888 in a small wooden house in Thorndon, Welling…

The Evolution of the Music Industry

Music Industry

by Kerry Monaghan

The music industry has always been an evolving machine. A constant cog that changes how music is heard transitioning through different types of media, new inventions and other advances that force it to adapt and change long established business models.…

Music Education in Schools

A History

by Kerry Monaghan

The development of Music Education has been a part of New Zealand’s Primary and Intermediate school curriculum since the nineteenth century and has always been viewed as a valued subject inextricably linked with New Zealand’s evolving education system. T…

Gold Mining in New Zealand

A history of Gold Mining

by Kerry Monaghan

The history of gold stretches as far back as the beginning of civilization. Humans have long since realized the value of gold for both decoration and currency due to its rarity, lustre and ease of exchange, and while it remains a global business with n…

Pukekohe Vegetable Growers

Preserving Pukekohe's Food Bowl

by Kerry Monaghan

Would you be happy to pay $6 or $7 for a head of lettuce or broccoli in your weekly shop? It may sound extreme, but unless you grow your own, it could be the only choice in future as a result of Auckland’s rising population and housing demands. Would yo…

Magazine Designer Clothing at It's Best

New styles now instore

by Kerry Monaghan

For all the new season styles please come on in to our Pukekohe store From animal prints, to vibrant colours and strong statement dressing this season has it all! As the temperature drops layering pieces and pops of colour are your best friends. Bring …

Engaging Pacifica Communities

Papakura High School builds a Fale

by Kerry Monaghan

Papakura High School Principal, John Rohs never imagined his school would one day be the proud owners of a unique Pacifica structure that now proudly sits in the forefront of the school’s grounds. Engaging Pacifica communities- Papakura High School build…

Kauri Gum Reserves

A History

by Kerry Monaghan

Agathis Australis or Kauri in Maori is one of New Zealand’s oldest and mightiest coniferous trees that can grow upwards of fifty metres and can live around two thousand years. Agathis Australis or Kauri in Maori is one of New Zealand’s oldest and might…

Understanding Modern Muslim Communities

by Kerry Monaghan

To understand any religion against a modern landscape, you first need to understand the landscape itself. New Zealand is a country with large scale immigration throughout its comparatively brief history, the Maori people arrived by sea followed by the Eu…

Giving Young People a Helping Hand

Papakura Youth Pathways and Excellence Grants

by Kerry Monaghan

Since 2016, the Papakura Local Board has been giving young people a helping hand with its financial scheme that provides a scholarship grant for those embarking on tertiary study, trade or leadership courses. The Papakura Youth Pathways and Excellence G…

Papakura Youth Council

Change for future generations

by Kerry Monaghan

Since 2011, Papakura Youth Council has been a valuable asset to its Youth in the Papakura community by allowing them to be seen and heard. Working alongside the Papakura Local Board and community groups, the Youth Council are advocates for young people …

Helping to Shape the Future of Franklin

Andrea Fulljames: Franklin Local Board Chair

by Kerry Monaghan

Becoming the Franklin Local Board chair in 2016 was the first step in two years of learning for Angela Fulljames. Now she and her team continue to be the leading voice for the district and its communities on issues that matter. All that groundwork of bu…

Celebrating the Past, Present and Future

Opahake School 50th Jubilee

by Kerry Monaghan

From its early origins as farming land and as an undeveloped bush covered district where logs were once milled, the history of Opaheke and Ponga districts has undergone many changes throughout the years. Opaheke is part of the wider Papakura area and a…

Protecting Papakura’s Scenic Reserve for the future, today.

Protecting the legacy of one of Papakura's scenic reserves.

by Kerry Monaghan

Spanning an impressive thirteen acres just off Great South Road, Papakura, lies one of Franklin’s most naturally beautiful scenic reserves, Kirks Bush. Spanning an impressive thirteen acres just off Great South Road, Papakura, lies one of Franklin’s most…

One Light, One Child, One Community at a Time

Solar Buddy lights creating a brighter future for those in need

by Kerry Monaghan

One light, one child, one community at a time. The motto of the Australian registered charity called Solar Buddy that has been creating a brighter future for impoverished energy communities overseas since 2015. One light, one child, one community at a t…