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Shelley Hedges is a journalist, environmentalist, and human rights advocate.

1080: Protecting The Environment? (Part III)

by Shelley Hedges

This is the final article in the 1080 series and will look at how 1080 is delivered, any potential revenue losses for NZ, the results after 60 years of using 1080 and the alternatives? Doc employs an aerial dispersal method, usually by helicopter. This …

1080: Protecting The Environment? (Part II)

by Shelley Hedges

by Shelley Hedges In the first article of Simplifying the 1080 Evidence I looked at technical aspects of the scientific research, the effects on aquatic fauna particularly freshwater trout and eels, and at the 1080 concerns raised in the 2007 ERMA repor…

1080: Protecting The Environment? (Part I)

by Shelley Hedges

Each year the debate intensifies as supporters and detractors line up on opposing sides of the fence. Both sides are equally passionate in their presentation of evidence, and fervent in their claims to be preserving our native wildlife. This article se…