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James Heard (R.I.P.) was a retired officer of the NZ Army, and a licensed real estate salesperson in Pukekohe, specialising in lifestyle and rural real estate.

There is Something About New

Housing Update with James Heard

by James Heard

For most of us new is so appealing, even the idea of new carries a certain mystique. What will be new, fresh, in this otherwise familiar product? It doesn’t matter whether it is clothes, cars, cameras, jewellery, guns, boats, tennis racquets, a smart ph…

Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad. Or is It?

Continuing low mortgage interest charges. A degree of comfort for buyers and sellers alike

by James Heard

Buyers and sellers can only feel a degree of comfort at the continuing low mortgage interest charges. The Reserve Bank in its November 2018 Monetary Policy Statement indicated a clear intention to hold the Official Cash Rate at 1.75% throughout 2019 and …

Anti-Money Laundering and Other Inconvenient Facts

by James Heard

Du Plessis Heard Column Anti-Money Laundering If it were possible to troll sales data and then mathematically predict the sale price of your home / intended future home or that of any other home in town the profession of Registered Valuer would cease to …

Everything Costs More, Well Most Things

by James Heard

As is the case in life it’s the little things we miss that get us into trouble. Being late to pick up your child from kindergarten. Cruising at 108 km / hr having forgotten that it’s a holiday weekend: suddenly reminded by the flashing red and blue and y…

A Slap in the Face for Democracy

Can You and I Trust the Government to do the Right Thing, Most of the Time? I Wonder.

by James Heard

A shortfall of 900 teachers today: 2,000 plus students without permanent teachers. By 2020 a shortage of 2,500 teachers. Costs driving teachers out of Auckland. Leaky homes! Housing shortages. House prices! The cost of energy: electricity and petroleum. …

Spring is here. We are selling. What price do we want?

House prices and valuations

by James Heard

Spring is one of the ‘traditional’ peak selling seasons and with the surging property prices behind us for a while, and that while is more probably measured in years than months, tradition is again in play Spring is one of the ‘traditional’ peak selling …

Market Sentiments Impact Confidence

by James Heard

It does not matter to you or I whether we call our fledging Government, “Coalition” or “Labour Lead”, while its aspirations appeal to many, its actions at this stage are not inspiring confidence. The nations GDP figure for the last quarter, a good result…