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Lockdown Update: Day 23

Lockdown Update: Day 19

Lockdown Update: Day 14

Lockdown Update: Day 10

A Good Way to Relieve Migraine Headaches & Restore Energy

Your Health, in Uncertain Times

Lockdown Update: Day 7

Do you have Menopause Problems?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) works the best!

Franklin Speaking Frankly

March 2020

Health is More Than Just Dieting

Change your life: it’s up to you.

March in Papakura

A Little Training Goes a Long Way

February in Papakura

January in Papakura

New Year Resolutions: Good Intentions? Get the Results!

Are You Living with A Frozen Shoulder?

Why are Cypress Trees Dying?

Everyone Needs a Little Help

November in Papakura

Getting Ready for Christmas

Acupuncture makes a dream come true!


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