Articles in ‘History’

Hongi Hika: NZ’s Biggest Killer, Man-eater and Marsden’s Mate

NZ's Infamous Founding History (Part I)

Friends and Enemies: The third and final voyage of Captain James Cook, 1776-1779

Captain James Cook (Part V)

Icebergs, Cannibals, and Other Kinds of People: The second voyage of James Cook, 1772-1775

Captain James Cook (Part IV)

Reliving The Era of The Great Airships

Terra Australis Incognita: the first Pacific voyage 1768-1771

Captain James Cook (Part III)

In The Navy, You Can Sail The Seven Seas: James Cook's Naval Career 1755-1768

Captain James Cook (Part II)

Gold Mining in New Zealand

A History

Murder Most Foul: How the Queen's Justice failed Southern Tribal Chiefs

Scumbuggery (Part V)

Where No Man Has Gone Before

Captain James Cook (Part I)

Captain John Stewart: Enabler for the ‘Cannibal Statesman’

Scumbuggery (Part IV)

Kauri Gum Reserves

A History

May Day, Maypoles and Workers Rights

This Month in History

The Saintly Sinner

Scumbuggery (Part III)

Kiri and Dave’s Big Adventure

And The Flight Of An Albatross

Notorious Pakeha Maoris

Scumbuggery (Part II)

Once Were Whalers…

Scumbuggery (Part I)

Parallels In Celtic–Maori Death Myths and The After-Life Underworld

In Search of Our Tangata Whenua (Part II)

Larnach Castle

Waipoua Whitewash Challenging NZ History: Who Were Here First?

In Search of Our Tangata Whenua (Part I)

Burying The Evidence

Excavation Proves Human Habitation 3,400 Years Ago


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