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Housing Crisis at Boiling Point

A Response

by Bill Cashmore

The housing crisis is very real and has been building up for 20 years or more. High population growth in recent years has exasperated the situation. This is not an apologist reply but a series of facts and context to give elocal readership relevant infor…

Is The New ATAP A Benefit To Our Area?

by Jon Reeves

By Jon Reeves - Coordinator Public Transport Users’ Association The recently announced Auckland Transport Alignment Programme 2 (ATAP2), certainly has some much welcome and much needed projects for our congested city. Electrification of passenger trains…

Hybrid Trains Derailed by NZTA

An Interview with Bill Cashmore

elocal caught up with Deputy Mayor Bill Cashmore to discuss progress on Special Housing Areas, infrastructure issues and the likelihood of those promised hybrid trains! It’s been a while now since the local body elections, what evidence are you seeing t…

Nepal: An Education

Heather Garrett

by Kerry Monaghan

When Heather Garrett was offered the chance to go on a once in a lifetime three-week excursion to support a school in remote rural Nepal, she jumped at the chance. When Heather Garrett was offered the chance to go on a once in a lifetime three-week excur…

A Lucky Man

Colin Topp: Serving His Country and Community

by Rebecca Glover

Life hasn't been all plain sailing, but this Papakura pair have smoothed the waters for many. “I was born lucky,” says Colin Topp. Weathering the Depression of the 1930s, a survivor of years of war in the Pacific and now 93 years old, he's been lucky in …

‘A Way with Words’ by Chris Maclean

Chris Maclean is a Waikanae-based author with a keen interest in the outdoors, the subject of a number of his books. Born in Wellington in 1952, he graduated from Victoria University with a degree in history. A career as a stained-glass artist in the 197…

‘An ANZAC in the Family’ by Sherryl Abrahart

Sherryl Abrahart is a New Zealand writer now living in the UK. She has been a full time technical writer since the early 1970s, writing user guides and process manuals for banks and telecoms then for websites and organisations from the National Health Se…

A Commonwealth Coming of Age

by Joanne Taylor

The first Commonwealth Games were held in 1930 in Hamilton, Canada. Bobby Robinson, a major influence within athletics in Canada at the time, finally implemented the event that had been talked about amongst Commonwealth nations for over thirty years. Ele…

17,800 Homes Planned Pukekohe to Drury

Housing Crisis at Boiling Point for Developers

by Joanne Taylor

The New Zealand housing crisis continues to concern developers, builders and buyers. The Labour government bragged about its plan to address the housing crisis with the introduction of its KiwiBuild programme and an amendment to the Tenancy Act whereby …