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Papakura Windows

High Fashion in Papakura

The creative side of the Business Association was put to action with the outstanding mannequin display in Averill Street, in an empty store window. Driven by Paula Schultz, Chair of the PBA, mannequins were dressed and backdrops put in place to creat…

The Benefits of Platinum

Platinum Homes was founded by a group of private business people in the Bay of Plenty region in 2003 and today operates throughout most of New Zealand via our network of showhomes and sales centres. Unlike many of our competitors, we are proud to say tha…

Lewis For Fashion: For All Things Mens Fashion

Lewis’ For Fashion is your one stop shop for all things in Men’s fashion. The wellstocked shop is located centrally at 41 King Street, the main street of Pukekohe, with plenty of parking both out the front and out the back. Peter and his professional st…

Despite the Slowdown, Auckland Land Prices Still Outrageous

Auckland land prices are still out of reach

by Dr Don Brash

A few weeks ago, the New Zealand Herald carried an article by Dr Douglas Fairgray which seemed to argue that, when it comes to determining the price of houses, supply doesn’t matter. A few weeks ago, the New Zealand Herald carried an article by Dr Dougla…

Captain James Cook (Part III)

Terra Australis Incognita: the first Pacific voyage 1768-1771

by Dr Michelle Ann Smith

Captain James Cook part 3 of 6 In May 1768, having secured a naval commission, forty-year old Lieutenant Cook was finally given the command of his own ship. Officially, Cook was sent to the South Pacific to observe the Transit of Venus. An accurate calcu…

Literary Greats (Part I)

Katherine Mansfield

by Kerry Monaghan

With a mercurial mind, at times untameable but unashamedly honest, one of New Zealand’s most acclaimed literary icons lived a brief but tumultuous life. Born as Kathleen Mansfield Beauchamp, October 14th, 1888 in a small wooden house in Thorndon, Welling…

Creating Franklin's Footballing Finest

Football has long been a poor cousin next to Rugby in New Zealand and Football in South Auckland; (although being the fastest growing sport in our area) has long been at the mercy of the more central Auckland clubs who glean the best players through a pr…

A New Beginning in Paraeta Rise

Family Living at its Finest

When the Du Toit family embarked on their journey to buy their first home, they knew that they wanted to find a home that would cater for their young family with design features, tick off all the items on their wish lists and be located in an area that w…

Sack the A.T Board!

The Sins of Auckland Transport

by Dr Don Brash

Don Brash Opinion Piece Driving around Auckland the other day, I saw that one of the candidates for the Auckland mayoralty is promising to sack the board of Auckland Transport. He’s got my vote was my immediate reaction! Of course, I know that the pe…

Music Education in Schools

A History

by Kerry Monaghan

The development of Music Education has been a part of New Zealand’s Primary and Intermediate school curriculum since the nineteenth century and has always been viewed as a valued subject inextricably linked with New Zealand’s evolving education system. T…

Gold Mining in New Zealand

A history of Gold Mining

by Kerry Monaghan

The history of gold stretches as far back as the beginning of civilization. Humans have long since realized the value of gold for both decoration and currency due to its rarity, lustre and ease of exchange, and while it remains a global business with n…

Captain James Cook (Part II)

James Cook's Naval Career 1755-1768

by Dr Michelle Ann Smith

James Cook’s quest to ‘range’ further than any other man began incrementally. Having declined the offer by his employer, John Walker, to take command of one of his ships Cook volunteered for service with the British Royal Navy. Walker was unsurprised at …

Change is good!

Elocal's Editor's note

by Sally Sumner

Elocal's Editors Note Change is Good! Temperatures may be dropping as we head for our two coldest months of the year, but things at elocal are hotting up! It always a pleasure to work every month with our local businesses and community groups and highli…

Rotary Club of Drury Trainee of the Year

The winner and recipient of the Rotary Club of Drury Trainee of the year

Initiated by Drury Rotary in 1987, this award has been presented every year, with the exception of a couple to an outstanding local candidate. Initiated by Drury Rotary in 1987, this award has been presented every year, with the exception of a couple to …

Cosmos Blooming

The exhibition of Tim Ashby- Peckham

He specialises in two types of photography, nature and astrophotography, which is photographing stars and other astronomical subjects. His passion for space and New Zealand wildlife is reflected in the themes and subject matter of his photographs. Tim As…

Chip Foose at the CRC Speedshow

Fuel your passion – meet Chip!

by Greg Stokes

The annual CRC Speedshow has become New Zealand’s premiere automotive event which caters for all things automotive related and everything in between. This year’s event is sure to be a very memorable one with the guest appearance of renowned USA automotiv…

Scumbuggery (Part V)

by Julie Halligan

How the Queen’s Justice failed Southern Tribal Chiefs As a terrible storm raged over the North Island coast in December 1769 the ships of Captain Cook and the French explorer Jean-François-Marie de Surville unknowingly passed within a relatively short d…

A little bowl of Life - Soup

A little bowl of Life - Soup It is claimed that we can trace the liquid food of the simple soup back 20,000 years and that is not surprising as the humble dish has been part of our global culinary history since forever. In previous eras the idea of a m…

Top Secret: U-Boat 196 (Part IV)

Deep Black: What was hidden in New Zealand, and why?

by David Child-Dennis

Author’s note: I believe with the unconditional surrender of Germany on May 8, 1945, the then commander of Germany’s submarine fleet, Admiral Karl Dönitz, used the only bargaining chip he had left, German nuclear research, spirited away from the advanc…

July in Papakura

What's on in July in Papakura

A look at what's new in Papakura for July from new businesses to new murals and the winners of the Matariki competition for this month JULY IN PAPAKURA MATARIKI IN PAPAKURA Check out the beautiful flags flying down the Great South Road in Papakura.…