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Government Policies are Slowing our Economy Down

NZ Business Confidence at -38%

by Judith Collins

Fewer jobs and opportunities are on the horizon, and Kiwis will be hit harder as the slowdown in the economy faces New Zealand. Elocal May 2019 Government Policies are slowing our economy down The New Zealand Parliament has led New Zealand in grieving…

What Does the Christchurch Mosque Massacre Mean for Freedom of Speech in New Zealand?

by Dr Don Brash

Last year, there was a lively debate in New Zealand about what should, and on the other hand what should not, be banned. Last year, there was a lively debate in New Zealand about what should, and on the other hand what should not, be banned. This wa…

Surviving the Back to Routine Blues

by Lucy Mullinger

Before we had modern luxuries such as television, warm baths and queen-sized beds, we were living in caves, hunted by dangerous animals and fighting the elements. We didn’t have mirrors, so we didn’t really care about what we looked like, we were much t…

Waiuku Steel 'n' Wheels Festival 2019

Sunday 12 May, 10am–2pm

The motor's running so belt yourself in for a great ride! Steel 'n' Wheels Festival 2019 is hot on our heels. Put it on your calendar and don't miss it. Waiuku Steel ‘n’ Wheels Festival 2019, Sunday May 12th, 10am-2pm The motor's running so belt yo…


We hope to see you all at our upcoming StreetFEST on Saturday 4th of May 2018 Free Family Fun Day with lots of stalls, community groups and initiatives, local entertainment, fun for the kids and activities, Facepainting, Chill Out Zone, great food spec…

Engaging Pacifica Communities

Papakura High School builds a Fale

by Kerry Monaghan

Papakura High School Principal, John Rohs never imagined his school would one day be the proud owners of a unique Pacifica structure that now proudly sits in the forefront of the school’s grounds. Engaging Pacifica communities- Papakura High School build…

Kauri Gum Reserves

A History

by Kerry Monaghan

Agathis Australis or Kauri in Maori is one of New Zealand’s oldest and mightiest coniferous trees that can grow upwards of fifty metres and can live around two thousand years. Agathis Australis or Kauri in Maori is one of New Zealand’s oldest and might…

‘Gretchen Albrecht: between gesture & geometry’ by Luke Smythe

The Life and Career of One of New Zealand's Most Influential and Estimated Contemporary Artists

Gretchen Albrecht CNZM is one of our most prominent painters. In a significant new book published by Massey University Press this month, art historian Luke Smythe surveys her career and assesses her work and practice, confirming her status as a pioneer o…

The Endless Summer

by Greg Stokes

A selection of great events from the 2019 car season. As I write this, we are staring down the deep barrel into winter, day light saving has passed and I’m reflecting on how good the summer car season has been. It seemed like it was never going to end an…

Crown Excludes New Zealanders From the Treaty of Waitangi Conversation

1985 Judge Cooke's legal opinion has lead the way to division, judicial activism and manipulation

by Chris Newman

In the 1980’s Parliamentarians began an unsuccessful search for the elusive “principles” to interpret the words of the Treaty of Waitangi. In 1985 the Court of Appeals Judge Robin Cooke, with the Treaty in one hand and his law manual in the other, declar…

Mothers Know, There has Always Been a High Cost of Freedom!

Editors Note

by Sally Sumner

The second Sunday of May is when New Zealand traditionally celebrates Mother’s Day. Its modern-day origins come from an American celebration created by Anna Jarvis in 1908 that became an official U.S. holiday in 1914. Interestingly, Jarvis would later de…

Scumbuggery (Part III)

The Saintly Sinner

by Julie Halligan

The white man who figuratively held the gun for a chief to pull the trigger thus igniting the worst holocaust New Zealand in New Zealand’s history The white man who figuratively held the gun for a chief to pull the trigger thus igniting the worst holoc…

Mayday and Maypoles and Workers Rights

This Month in History

by Julie Halligan

In the Northern Hemisphere the traditional ‘May Day’ celebration is an ancient festival whose origins are shrouded in the mists of time. It is said that the earliest May Day observances began in pre-Christian times out of the Roman empire, a dedication t…

Guilty or Not Guilty? (Part IV)

The Bain Homicide Case

by Kevin Sturgeon

The 2009 Trial If you now consider that proof has been produced to make David the murderer, where does that leave the many specialist and expert witnesses who gave evidence for the defence? Where does that leave the claims by the defence council, Micha…

‘Finding Frances Hodgkins’ by Mary Kisler

A New Approach to One of New Zealand's Most Influential Expatriate Artists

May is shaping up to be all about Frances Hodgkins, with a major show at the Auckland Art Gallery and two new books. Finding Frances Hodgkins, published this month by Massey University Press, is by well-known curator Mary Kisler. The book is part of The …

Tairere Housing Project, Rosehill, Papakura

Community-driven home buyers’ club a success

A new wave of transformation has hit a Papakura suburb thanks to a new scheme that is providing more cost effecting housing alternatives to those looking to get their foot in the housing market. As the first of its kind in the area, the project is a co-…

New Season Styles at Baker’s Shoes

As the cooler airs and darker evenings herald the arrival of Autumn and winter months, this season’s new styles at Baker’s shoes are sure to warm the cockles of your heart and your toes! Along with the usual winter shades of navy, wine and black, you wi…

Dine Like A King!

The choice and quality at Kings Garden Restaurant in Pukekohe is creating quite a stir locally. Many a family has dined out either at Yum Cha, or utilising their takeaway menu to create an evening of tasty authentic, quality Chinese food that leaves them…

Opening Another Can of Worms

Capital Gains Tax

by Dr Don Brash

I have no difficulty understanding why many people are strongly in favour of a capital gains tax. They see a minority of New Zealanders enjoying the very good life, living in a luxurious home, going on international trips every year, driving a late model…

‘John Scott Works’ by David Straight

A Survey of the Career of One of New Zealand’s Most Important Architects

John Scott is a legend in New Zealand architecture circles. A regional modernist who mostly practised in Hawke’s Bay, his life’s works of houses, churches and community buildings have attained near mythical status since his early death in 1992. Despite b…