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From Franklin to Olé

by Sally Sumner

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. – Pele The words of a true legend, recognised by some as the best player of the beautiful game EVER and …

Where is the Real News?

by Sally Sumner

One of the main headlines this morning on the New Zealand news sites that I frequent each day reads “why you won’t see Judith Collins nude this summer” another screams “'Sick' life-sized doll suggests scary future for office workers.” I suppose it makes …

2019 Weir Rose Tournament

Franklin United Join South Auckland Teams to field a team at Weir Rose Tournament

The Weir Rose Bowl began in the 1950s as a competition for U-12 boys, with the WRB trophy donated by Tom Weir, a member of the Junior Management Committee of Auckland Football After the formation of the Federations in 2000, the WRB evolved into a format …

NZ's Infamous Founding History (Part II)

Bloodshed in the Bay of Islands

by David Child-Dennis

Last issue, we heard of the terrible conquest of Hongi Hika, a warlord whose bloodlust began by avenging Ngāpuhi. But there have been other killers in New Zealand’s past, who didn’t need war to justify their slaughter. Meet young Maketu, son of a Ngāpuhi…

NZ's Infamous Founding History (Part I)

Hongi Hika: NZ’s Biggest Killer, Man-eater and Marsden’s Mate

by David Child-Dennis

New Zealand has its noble history – the glossy version which is safe for our children to learn about in school, the version of peace, pasture and parchment. But then there’s the other history of New Zealand, a history in which men like Hongi Hika orche…

Getting ‘Results That Move You!’

Motivated to achieve the very best for her clients in all sorts of property markets

Real estate has become a way of life for Alison Kemp and it is evident from the moment you meet her that she wouldn’t change it. “My focus is on delivering service to my clients beyond their expectations and hopefully a very positive experience in wh…

Trade in Any Tyre for Twenty Bucks!*

Your New Local Keeping You Safely on the Road

by Sally Sumner

* Regardless of Condition, We Will Trade in ANY ONE Tyre For Twenty Bucks! Cars these days are built to go fast and most modern cars are well equipped with any number of safety features designed to keep those inside them safe in case of an accident. But …

Kiwibuild's gone and the Government's credibility with it

Kiwibuild's failure and the damage done

by Dr Don Brash

Don Brash Opinion Piece Several months ago, it was abundantly clear that KiwiBuild was a complete failure. In the 2017 election campaign, the Labour Party’s biggest promise was to “deliver 100,000 quality, affordable houses for first home buyers over …

Big on Service, Big on Deals

Treat yourself to the Best!

Ebbett Pukekohe is part of a trusted motor vehicle company that’s been going from strength to strength for 90 years. Since Alf Ebbett started the company in 1912, the very essence of providing the very best cars at the best prices has been at the forefro…

Literary Greats (Part III)

Sam Hunt

by Kerry Monaghan

Literary Greats pt 3 Sam Hunt As one of New Zealand’s larger than life and undoubtedly most rock n roll poets, Sam Hunt is a rare commodity that has always remained somewhat unconventional, an essentialist and unashamedly honest in his plethora of work t…

Paving the way for Papakura's Policing Future

Papakura High School Pathways To Police Programme

by Kerry Monaghan

Papakura High School Pathways To Police Programme From serving their communities to preventing crime while developing leadership skills, being part of the Police force can be one of the most rewarding careers a person can have, and now, thanks to a grow…

The Missing Lands

Uncovering Earth’s Pre-Flood Civilization By Freddy Silva

Book review of The Missing Lands, reviewed by Josie Laird The flood stories of different indigenous people all over the world bear striking similarities. There was a flood, nearly 11,000 years ago. Only a few select people survived and then a group of ‘g…

The Alexandrite, by Dione Jones.

The Alexandrite, by Dione Jones.

Book review of The Alexandrite, reviewed by Josie Laird A mystery within a family saga which stretches across a century, involving an aristocratic family in England and the escape of various family members and retainers to New Zealand. Pamela, Lady Sca…

Captain James Cook (Part V)

Friends and Enemies: The third and final voyage of Captain James Cook, 1776-1779

by Dr Michelle Ann Smith

Captain James Cook part 5 of 5 On his return to England in July 1775, Cook accepted a position with the Royal Hospital at Greenwich, claiming his sailing days were over, probably to the relief of his wife. Before long, the lure of the ocean had Cook agre…

Building with Platinum Homes

Superior construction second to none

Building with Platinum Homes It’s obvious the moment you set foot in a Platinum home, that the attention to detail, finishing and features are what sets them apart. Murray Taylor from Platinum Homes Manukau and Counties expresses it best. “We know wha…


Benefits of acupuncture for Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis with The Garden Acupuncture Arthritis affects one in six New Zealanders. Osteoarthritis is the most common arthritis in NZ which can occur at any age, but usually starts after the age of 40. There is no cure for osteoarthritis, but Acupunc…

Energy Efficient Homes

Building an Energy Efficient Homes with Brant Homes

Advertorial: Brant Homes Building a home is the biggest investment most people make in their lifetime but unlike most other purchases, performance isn’t typically something people think about when building a home. And while Kiwis are becoming more and m…

Summer is all about colour!

Baker's shoes and more

Baker's Shoes Summer 2019 Summer 2019 is all about colour – mustards, oranges/reds, pinks, blues and a mixture in florals – vibrant and pretty for the sunny days ahead. “Athleisure” is still on trend – leather sneakers and slip-ons which are great for…

October in Papakura

What's on in October in Papakura

What's on in October with the Papakura Business Association NEW BUSINESSES IN TOWN: We welcome Krish Indian and Takeaways in O’Shannessey Street, Executive Travel ( previously Travel Smart ) in Roselands Shopping Centre, Island Butchery and Veges in O’S…

Papakura’s Loss of a Visionary

Papakura Residents miss out on true Visionary who wanted to help move our town forward

Papakura Residents miss out on true Visionary who wanted to help move our town forward. Written by retiring Papakura Board member of 9 years Michael Turner and Papakura Board member of 6 years Bill McEntee We believe that Papakura missed out on a great o…