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Joanne Taylor is a writer and journalist. Born in South Africa, she emigrated with her family to Auckland in 2018.

Fuel Up, Prices Up

Wage Earners Carry the Brunt!

by Joanne Taylor

On 31 May 2018 Auckland Council agreed to implement the Regional Fuel Tax (RFT) to unlock more than $4-billion of investment in Auckland’s transport network. Mayor Phil Goff has been quoted saying, “$1.5-billion of the fuel tax money collected will be us…

A Commonwealth Coming of Age

by Joanne Taylor

The first Commonwealth Games were held in 1930 in Hamilton, Canada. Bobby Robinson, a major influence within athletics in Canada at the time, finally implemented the event that had been talked about amongst Commonwealth nations for over thirty years. Ele…

17,800 Homes Planned Pukekohe to Drury

Housing Crisis at Boiling Point for Developers

by Joanne Taylor

The New Zealand housing crisis continues to concern developers, builders and buyers. The Labour government bragged about its plan to address the housing crisis with the introduction of its KiwiBuild programme and an amendment to the Tenancy Act whereby …